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Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Noida, we offer Booster Pump, RO Spun Filters, RO Membrane, RO Water Purifier Filter, RO Adapter and Fitting Spare parts.

Booster Pump

Booster pumps provide reliable inlet pressure for efficient membrane utilization. These pumps are capable of continuous duty and are effective for recirculation based applications as well. They are ideally suited to work with hydro-pneumatic storage systems but are compatible with most hydraulic shut-off valves also

RO Spun Filters

This highly-efficient product made available to you by Rowala at the most affordable price removes trace amounts of foreign media from water, providing clean, healthy water for your family. The candles are designed for high liquid flow without compromising on the filtration process. They are best suited for any kind of water purifiers for your home,

RO Membrane

It is important to ensure that when changing any  membrane on your drinking water system appropriate sanitation and service procedure are used. The flowing step by step guideline will help to ensure those sanitation and service procedures are met.

RO Water Purifier Filter

RO water purifier filter has unique seven stage water purification system which ensures that the customers get the ultimate convenience and safe health. The RO Storage Cooler cum Water Purifier comes with one of a kind purification technology to ensure that your drinking water stays pure and safe.