RO Installation in Delhi NCR

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Installation Take Care of Things

At the time of RO installation, please take care of the following things

  1. Never place the water purifier in a direct sunshine
  2. Move the machine carefully and lightly
  3. The system service area should be free from any dust or dirt
  4. Never Run hot water through the system
  5. In case of system failure, disconnect the water source promptly and inform the service agency immediately

B    Maintenance:

Using the purifier

After installation, empty purified water for the first time before using the purifier.

  1. Do not place any heavy or sharp object on the top of purifier, it would damage the physical or/and finish of the product.
  2. Drain the water in the tank before reusing the purifier,it has not been used for over 20 days.The water might have been contaminated or mould growth might have formed due to external contamination.
  3. Change the filters regularly for clean water,clean filters make the purifier work best
  4. Life of membrane is like cartridges,approx 5000 litres,varies depending on the input water condition
  5. Do not pull or push the water dispensing lever with excessive force.

 C   DO’S & DONT’S

Avoid drinking hot water from the tap since heat makes impurities soluble in water.Use cold water for all cooking for the same reason.Also run tap water for couple of minutes before drinking it,especially in the morning,that flushes the water sitting in the pipes of a while.

RO systems are typically installed as POINT OF USE devices.This means they are generally placed at the tap usually in the kitchen.RO Systems come in counter tap or under the sink models.A separate faucet is often installed to bypass the RO unit so that treated water is often used for cooking and drinking purpose only.This increases the life of prefilters,postfilters and the membrane,thereby making treatment more economical.RO Systems varies in capacity,however 3 to 4 gallond per day.(1 gallon=4.5461 litres).

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