Quality of RO Membranes and Filters They are not Alike !

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Quality of RO Membranes and filters they are not alike !

While one RO system may look just like the next in terms of design and components, the quality of those components can be very different. This differences can have a significant impact on the quality of the water of the system process. Here are some examples of questions you might ask and consequences associated with” less than desirable” quality.

Has the manufacture used the sound methods What types of welds have been used in these plastic product ? will they allow contaminated water to bypass the filtration system? Will they allow the system to leak?

How has this filter or membrane been created Will it allow the water to channel and in effect, bypass the removal component of this device.

What about the quality of the fill Are its contents of a high enough quality to produce the expected percentage of content redaction ? Carbon quality for instance can have huge variance in reduction capability, reduction capacity, and the sloughing of fines, which can prematurely clog or foul the RO membrane.

What are the manufacturer s controls on tolerance in specifications If this component is rate as a 1 micron filter, will it truly filter out everything larger than 1 micron or will it only do the job 80% of the time? And what if it actually filters at a 0.5 micron rate? That will stop the system from flowing clogging it and forcing filter replacement ? If this is a sediment filter and it fails, the excess sediment will clog or foul the RO Membrane.

And in general: Are the materials used in this product properly approved & adhere to international standards.

So it becomes clear that the quality of the components is the key to an optional functioning RO System.

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