RO AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Rowala provides water purifiers that help your family to live healthy. One of such products is Rowala RO SYSTEMS .In Rowala, seven stage water purification systems to ensure that end-users get the ultimate safe and healthy in water treatment.   The different types of AMC:  
Electrical Part : 1850
AMC Full (Without Cabinets) : 3250
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RO Installation
RO Installation

At the time of RO installation, please take care of the following things

  1. Never place the water purifier in a direct sunshine
  2. Move the machine carefully and lightly
  3. The system service area should be free from any dust or dirt
  4. Never Run hot water through the system
In case of system failure, disconnect the water source promptly and inform the service agency immediately
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Ro Repair
Ro Repair

Ro Repair Service

Rowala is a company which provide the  best RO repair service in Noida.We provide ontime services at your doorstep with expert technicians.u can call us at 9990650535 for any query related to RO water demo is also given by us.
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