Water Is Life

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Water makes up more than two thirds of the weight of the human body, and without water humans would die in a few days. The human brain is made up 95% of water, blood is 80%and lungs 90%. A mere … Continued

RO Installation in Delhi NCR

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Installation Take Care of Things At the time of RO installation, please take care of the following things Never place the water purifier in a direct sunshine Move the machine carefully and lightly The system service area should be free … Continued

RO Water Purifier Type

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There are two types of RO water purifier Electrical Non-Electrical Which type of ro water purifier you want? Call us at 9990650535

RO Water Purifiers Capacity

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RO water purifiers capacity varies like Below 7L 7L – 14L Above 14L Call us at 9990650535 to know which RO water purifiers you need according to our water need and RO capacity  

RO Water Purifier Purification System

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Which RO water purifier purification system you are looking for? Call us to know the right information at 9990650535 RO UF UV UV + RO Water Softner UV + RO + UF UV + RO + UF + TDS


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HOW RO WATER PURIFIER WORKS ? 1st STAGE – PRE FILTER HOUSING Filtration for impurities such as rust fluid, drug sediments and other particulate in water. 2nd STAGE – IRON REMOVER CHAMBER Provide more iron free water and increases life … Continued

Need for RO water purifier

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Need For RO water Purifier water is the solid foundation on which our function lives.most of the critical diseases are because of consuming unpurified water . it is very important to consume purified and healthy water.so there is need of … Continued

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